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Quality and Environmental Policies

Company Quality Policy

We at IceMos Technology are committed to supplying a quality product to our customers, which fully satisfies their needs and which conforms to all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements. We establish and review objectives and targets aimed at continually improving our business. We support our technological needs by constantly developing our people through training and teamwork and implement this via our Quality System.  We are now certified to International Standard ISO 9001:2000. We maintain a climate in which innovation and quality performance is encouraged to drive continuous improvement and guarantee our future. We recognize that Quality is key to our future success and strive to incorporate it into everything that we do.

Icemos ISO Certificate

Environmental Policy

IceMos Technology is a leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-conductor materials. We regard environmental protection as an integral part of our business and are committed to maintaining and improving our environmental practices wherever this is practicable.

To ensure this philosophy is put into practice we take a systematic approach to Environmental Management, covering all of its activities, products and services.

Icemos Technology is committed to:

  • Raising the awareness of, and quantifying all environmental impacts arising from the design, production and distribution of its product
  • Regularly reviewing aspects of business activity which have an environmental impact in order to assess performance and identify where further improvements can be made
  • Preventing pollution by continually assessing and monitoring our operations, and improving emergency preparedness and response
  • Promoting continual improvement by setting and reviewing objectives and targets
  • Encouraging suppliers, contractors and other relevant bodies to minimize the environmental impacts of their activities
  • Conforming to all legal and regulatory environmental requirements
  • Ensuring that all personnel on site are aware of their responsibilities regarding environmental procedures and requirements
  • Making its environmental policy available to the public