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Foundry Services

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IC Processing services

IceMos Technology possess a wide range of additional processing services for either bulk Silicon or bonded substrates such as SOI or Si-Si DWB. These can be stand alone services where you simply require IceMos to perform a single process or can be process flows anything from trench and refill through to complete device fabrication.

Deep trench etch and refill are core technologies of IceMos Technology. We have built on the foundations of BCO Technologies and Analog Devices Belfast to offer trench etch options on SOI up to 100um thick with aspect ratios of 13:1 and greater and up to 350um through wafer etching on bulk Si with similar aspect ratio. Our refill technology will not only ensure a completely filled trench but leaves a fully planar silicon surface for subsequent processing. Additionally the refill can be tailored for high voltage isolation if required and for low stress in the event the trench density is high or subsequent processing involves high thermal budget.

Using a combination of in-house and Foundry partner processing, we can extend our processing beyond simply trench etch to complete your full device concept, be that a PIN photodiode made on a high resistivity SI-SI DWB wafer or an array of diodes made on SOI all the way to Solid state relay drivers using BiCMOS technology.

In addition to the pure processing capability we have in house full device and process simulation capability so that you can have confidence that your device concept will work first time.

MEMS Processing Services

MEMS or MST ( Microsystems Technology) is the integration of mechanical elements, actuators, sensors, and electronics on a common silicon substrate through the use of microfabrication techniques. The MEMS industry has a projected 10-15% annual growth rate, with the potential of a greater than $50 billion market by the year 2004. The drivers for growth in the MEMS marketplace are telecommunications, providing opportunities for all-optical networking, RF MEMS for wireless communication and a variety of biomedical applications.

Why use IceMos Technology for your MEMS substrate?

Bonded wafer technology and deep trench etch technology have become two essential components in MEMS manufacture. From the use of SOI as a starting material in simple cantilever systems, through to the combination of deep trench etch in multilayer SOI in optical micro-mirror systems, their application is widespread. Using IceMosTechnology an expert in both technologies, allows you access to the best options available. Instead of being constrained to either bulk silicon or SOI as a starting material, can be enable structures which might require bulk silicon as a starting substrate but which subsequently require an SOI layer bonded on top. You also have the confidence of dealing with a manufacturer currently meeting commercial SOI standards rather than a Foundry simply with the ability to bond wafers.

We are constantly expanding our capabilities especially in MEMS SOI substrates, so contact us or fill in our online quotation form to discuss any requirements you may have, such as:

  • Multibond SOI stacks for 3-D MEMS applications.
  • Pre-cavitation for sensor membranes.
  • Deep trench etching.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas and help turn the future of MEMS into today's reality

.. the range of possibilities is unlimited......