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New Interconnect Technology for ICs and MEMs

IceMOS Technology have developed an innovative and powerful through-wafer interconnect technology which can allow device designers in both standard IC and MEMS device industries overcome packaging problems associated with their designs. Using this interconnect solution allows many of our customers to migrate their designs easily to a wafer level package with solder bumped contacts
Through wafer via in 430um thick 150mm wafer Excellent planarity on top surface no topology

Fully CMOS Compatible substrate

The IceMOS Technology solution is a preprocessed substrate which is delivered to the customer with the interconnect already formed within the substrate. This substrate is fully CMOS compatible. All interconnect is performed using through wafer etching and refill using heavily doped polysilicon. The wafers meet all standard specifications for surface metallic contamination, planarity and particle count. We have verified stable substrate performance up to diffusion temperatures of 1200C The substrates are available in 100mm, 125mm and 150mm diameters with interconnnect resistances as low as 1Ohm currently. The size of the interconnect vias is small typically 30um or less in a 400um thick, 150mm wafer for a 5Ohm via. The interconnect is easily integrated with standard metallisation processes occuring at the end of your processing, giving good ohmic characteristics and low contact resistance. For those customers with tighter requirements on space than resistance, vias can be formed with aspect ratios > 20:1 so that silicon real-estate is minimised.

Fully customised to your requirements

IceMOS will develop your through-wafer interconnect solution in partner with yourself the customer, taking your preferred interconnect pattern and implementing in on the wafer for easy connectivity to your circuit or sensor. The through wafer vias may be beside or below existing bond pads. The design is optimised around the customers requirements. For more information contact us