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Superjunction MOSFET Products : Please visit our Superjunction MOSFET technology page.

SOI Products: IceMos Technology Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality thick film bonded SOI (Silicon On Insulator) wafers.   Occupying the former BCO Technologies SOI fabrication facilties, we offer the same high quality product range with rapid order turnaround and cost effective pricing.

We are also a leader in trench etch and refill technology and offer trench etch and refill services to customers on bulk Si substrates or on SOI.  Combining both our SOI and trench etch and refill technology, we offer customers a unique dielectrically isolated substrate preparation service. 

SOI material is used widely in applications such as telecommunications products and optical devices, dielectrically isolated integrated circuits, solid state relays and micromachined components for sensors and actuators.