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Customised Substrate Design

IceMOS Technology now offers a fully customised engineered substrate solution to minimise your MEMS fabrication headaches.

Available from development lots through to full production volumes, IceMOS can relieve ME MS manufacturers problems of capacity through critical tools and relieve the development delays and headaches of replicating existing fabrication techniques of fusion bonding and wafer thinning within your organisation.

Advanced Substrate provision

Using technology developed over more than 10 years, allows IceMOS to provide customised engineered substrates which will fit perfectly into your existing or proposed process flow. These are substrates such as:-

  • Cavity SOI - Bonded SOI or Silicon silicon DWB wafers with cavities performed within the wafer
  • Multiple SOI 2 or 3 or more layers of SOI designed around your process
  • Structured wafers silicon wafers or SOI with buried electrode layers, vias, interconnect already incorporated

Within existing production flows, such an approach will :-

  • Allow you to manage and increase your process yield 
  • Allow you to concentrate on the key value added steps specific to your competences.
  • Lower your production costs

Within new product development, such an approach will:-

  • Reduce your development time
  • Reduce your development cost
  • Allow you to concentrate on your core competences to provide an overall better product
  • Free up capacity taken on critical bonding, DRIE and thinning tools otherwise used for such development

Why re-invent the wheel when you dont have to. IceMOS Technologys experience of substrate development for customers in the high voltage IC and MEMS fields over the past 10 years can help you develop a better product faster, with less risk

For more information, contact us