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SOI + Trench & Refill

Request a quote Data Sheet  (pdf, 226kB)
Dielectric Isolated trench and refilled SOI wafer manufacturing

IceMos Technology can offer customers the benefit of years of deep silicon trench etch and refill experience and expertise on both bulk silicon and on SOI substrates. For customers who intend using SOI as a platform for dielectically isolated circuits, IceMos uniquely can offer a one stop solution. Teaming our high quality SOI wafers with our deep trench etch and refill capabilities, we can offer such customers a product that will fit into their process flow at active area definition, without the time consuming and costly processing required to form the isolated tubs. Additionally, because we can add features such as implanted buried layers next to the SOI interface and sidewall doping as a low thermal budget sinker diffusion during our processing, this potentially opens up possibilities that might otherwise not have been considered. Because these technologies form part of our core competencies, it frees the customer to concentrate on the active device rather than on the isolation. (This product was formerly known as the BCO Substrate.)

For customers unfamiliar with Dielectric isolation as a means of high performance Analog IC design, using the SOI plus trench + refill package from IceMos Technology can not only offer higher performance, but lower cost due to the die shrink possible when using trenches instead of area-hungry isolation diffusions


  • Significant die shrink compared to conventional dielectric isolation (DI) or junction isolation
  • Bulk quality top silicon layer
  • Total device-to-device isolation
  • Lower substrate capacitance than bulk
  • Fully flexible specification on SOI, Trench and refill parameters


  • Photovoltaic cells and optoelectronic components
  • Solid state relays
  • High voltage analog circuits for telecommunications
  • High temperature electronics
  • High performance bipolar processes
  • Smart power ICs
  • Integrated sensors

Further Options

Let us take you Dielectrically isolated IC concept a stage further and let us provide you with the full DI IC fabrication service. Using our Foundry partners who have experience in processing SOI and dielctrically isolated wafers, we can take your complete project and provide you with tested die instead of the partially processed DI substrate.